About The Radical Love Summit

Walk away from this transformational day with tangible ideas you can implement immediately to turn your love life around and cultivate an amazing love others will envy!

The Radical Love Summit was developed from a heart space where a variety of love, intimacy, and relationship coaches came together to see what they could co-create rather than compete. No where else on the planet will you find this many love experts under one roof! Our mission is to revolutionize your experience of love and relationships and provocatively challenge what you know and experience in love.

We are focused and dedicated to:

  • Educating, expanding & inspiring others experiences/understanding/awareness of love & relationships
  • Helping others get out of their head and into their heart!
  • Helping others create a vision what a healthy relationship could look like & be
  • Creating radical relationships/more love in the world
  • Increasing Passion
  • Sharing the power of vulnerability
  • Spreading awareness of the masculine/feminine
  • Impacting all relationships, including business
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Meet our Founder:

Laura Menze is the Chief Love Officer at Ready-Match offering a unique and authentic approach to dating and matchmaking for singles in the Denver, Colorado area and across the globe.  By vetting clients for their Relationship Readiness, offering a Relationship Readiness Boot Camp & Personal Coaching that ultimately teaches Self-Matching, as well as offering Relationship Building services for new couples, Ready-Match truly supports its clients throughout all stages of getting ready for, finding, and establishing an amazing relationship!

You can see Laura in action as a featured coach in the television series, Radical Dating, which follows 5 clients in their journey to break through their barriers to find lasting love after 40.

Laura also walks her talk in training new, up-and-coming coaches in the skills of Professional Coaching as well as how to coach Singles through the Radical Dating Program at The Relationship Coaching Institute.